Healing of Jesus

From Father Iain, All Saints Chiang Mai

Bill Moeller, sharing a meal with All Saints in January


Dear Friends,

This Thursday we met at the HaiYa Crematorium to mark the passing of our dear friend, Bill Moeller.  The service began at 10 a.m. and details can be found below.  It is strange that our Gospel reading for this Sunday is all about healing for, in one sense, Bill was not healed, but he had shared with many of us that he felt it was his time to go and he expressed the wish that he hoped it would be quick – which it was.

The ultimate Christian hope of healing is the knowledge that we will all be made whole as we are united with God in the heavenly kingdom.  But we will still miss Bill greatly! Rev. Mark Crawford will be preaching this Sunday on the story of the raising of Jairus’ daughter – a reminder of our hope of resurrection. 

Use this link to join this Sunday on Zoom at 10 a.m.
Meeting ID: 548 801 501

Our scripture readings for the Fourth Sunday after Trinity will be from 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27, 2 Corinthians 8:7-15, and Mark 5:21-43, and we will be singing the hymns  When Morning Gilds the Skies, O Christ the Healer, When I needed a Neighbour, and Christ is made the Sure Foundation.

Bill Moeller’s Funeral

Bill’s funeral was at 10 a.m. this Thursday at the HaiYa Crematorium.

It was also livestreamed on Zoom and the video of the service is now available here!

The service lasted about an hour and there was opportunity for people to share their memories of Bill.  The children of the Youth Charity Foundation, of which Bill was so supportive, also sang.

All gifts in memory of Bill will be given to the Youth Charity Foundation.  If you wish to give by bank transfer via All Saints, please inform the All Saints’ treasurer, Arthur Mann, on arthurmann@mcc.org so that he can make sure the money is correctly allocated. Everyone was invited to a meal at the River Market following the cremation.  Bill was a wonderful man and will be sorely missed.

Potluck and Choir – Next Sunday!

Our wonderful choristers will again be singing in church on 4th July and we will be have a special potluck following the service!  See Phyllis about what to bring!

Moving House

I will be moving house next Thursday, 1st July.  If you’d like to offer help or even just moral support then let me know!  Pizza and drinks will be provided!  My new house is in the Doi Ing mooban on the Canal Road between Huay Kaew and the International Convention Center. It should be a great venue for future potlucks, and other church events, too!  Still only 15 minutes from church!

Wednesday Lunch

Our weekly lunch at the Gymkhana Club will continue next Wednesday at midday under the trees.  You don’t have to be a member and all are welcome!

 Weekly Offering to All Saints
You can still donate in person or online.  Thank you for your support and love for All Saints and all we are trying to do together.  God has shown that he is mighty and we are in his hands!

Come Holy Spirit!  Hallelujah!

God bless,

Father Iain

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