Where and When?

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Our main weekly Eucharist is on hold due to the Corona Virus.

You can join us online via Zoom at 6 p.m. every Sunday!

Click here to join the Service this Sunday!

Our service will consist of our usual Eucharistic worship!  All are welcome to join in the prayers and liturgy, to listen to the readings and sermon, and to receive virtual communion if they feel comfortable.

If you want to receive virtual communion then have a small piece of bread and a small glass of wine or grape juice prepared.

6 responses to “Where and When?

  1. Is there an English service on Christmas Day. I’m a Methodist Lay Preacher on holiday arriving on the 8th December and really want to attend a service at Christmas

  2. Yes, we have a 11:00 a.m. service on Christmas Day, and a 11:30 p.m. service on Christmas Eve.

  3. Lucy Coombs

    I have lived here in Chiang Mai for abt 12 years – been away from the states since ’98. I still miss the Unitarian fellowships where I found som many good friends. For me the rabid Christians have given Christianity a bad name causing me to be suspicious of most who call themselves Christians. I would love to comfortably mingle with a group who have the same values as I do. I was brought up being an Episcopalian so am familiar with the service..Do the “sermons” center around religion or being human? I like the look of your church – perhaps I’ll give it try if I get the courage.

    • I guess our sermons do centre around “being human”, but we define religion as loving God and loving our neighbour as ourselves, so we preach on that a lot too! You would be very welcome to join us, we have people from all sorts of backgrounds, Unitarian included. I am sure if you pluck up the courage you will find a group of people who you will like and you can be a part of!

      Thanks, Rev. Iain Baxter

  4. G’day, Aussie in Chiangmai here – will the Christmas Eve Mass be held in the same location (as posted above, just off the Kaew Narawat Road) this year (2018)?

    Im not a particularly religous person, but a little spiritual enrichment and to witness good will to all men would be nice 🙂

    Im sure my late Grandparents would approve 🙏

    Thank you Kindly Rev Iain.. from another Iain.

    Iain. C.

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