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All Saints aims to be a welcoming worship community that accepts everyone no matter their age, gender, race, sexuality, or theology.  All we ask is that you want to join with us and share Jesus working amongst us.

Our worship follows the Anglican liturgy – also drawing on the heritage of the Lutheran, Catholic, Orthodox and Presbyterian Churches amongst others!  We join in a weekly Eucharist to signify that all who seek Jesus are welcome in God’s kingdom.

Liturgy, to some extent, involves weekly repetition.  This is not a bad thing!  As words become familiar our minds can be released to focus on God through the words we are saying and beyond.  Our focus can move beyond the here and now and focus on God and his presence among us.

A liturgical church follows the church lectionary and observes the seasons of the church year.  Again this can be a very positive thing: the preacher is restrained from concentrating on favourite bible passages, and instead must follow the three years cycle of readings from the gospels, the epistles, the psalms and the Old Testament.   The rhythm of the church year focuses our minds on the God who works through time and history, and yet is beyond both.


Liturgical worship involves the whole people of God – praying, singing, responding, and receiving.  It involves the senses – not just hearing the word, but seeing the colours, the light, the symbols, tasting the bread and the wine, touching the reality of God’s world.  Actions speak louder than words!  As we take and eat, we receive God’s message and take Jesus into our lives.

All Saints, Chiang Mai, is an independent Anglican/Episcopal congregation.  We are not linked with the Diocese of Singapore or the Anglican Province of South East Asia.


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