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.Contact All Saints at:


Call: 0 904 604 304

UK access no.:  0161 40 80 240



Our Priest:       Father Iain Baxter


Call:                   0 904 604 304


Rev. Mark Crawford-001

Our Congregational Pastor:    Rev. Mark Crawford


mobile:                                          0850 324 203



Our Deacon:     The Rev. Deacon Dr. Gene Bourquin


mobile:              063 662 1848


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2 responses to “Contacts

  1. Julia Howell

    I plan to attend the Rememberance services listed on your website
    Please include if not included all those killed by genocidal violence e.g. Palestinians, Syrians, Yemenis, indigenous people in every global culture. The many Native women killed or missing of the Americas both North, Central & South & all women in every culture killed by the violence. All those killed in racial, ethic or religious hate & violence.
    I don’t know if those people’s killed as stated
    above are in a general category of mention but they are worthy of mention specifically as are the transgender. Their souls must be remembered & spoken aloud.
    Thank for your consideration of my petition

    • On November 11th, we will certainly remember all those killed in war, past and present, including Palestinians, Syrians, Yemenis, indigenous people. The following week, November 18th, we have a special service for Transgender Day of Remembrance, when we will remember transwomen (and transmen) who have been murdered.

      We also have our All Saints’ Day service, on 4th November, and our Remembering the Earth service, on 25th November. I will have a think when is the best day to remember women effect by violence.

      Thanks for your suggestions! I look forward to seeing you!

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