Wholeness, Healing, or Cold Hard Cash?

From Father Iain, All Saints Chiang Mai

Healing, Wholeness, or Cold Hard Cash?

Dear Friends,

What is the secret of happiness?  Do we need healing, wholeness, or cold hard cash?  Our scripture readings and sermon this week focus on these issues.  What is it to be wise and how can we best follow the example of Jesus and bring healing and wholeness to the world?

Our scripture readings this Sunday will be Wisdom 1:12-15, 2:23-24, 2 Corinthians 8:7-15, and Mark 5:21-43, and we will be singing the hymns O Worship the King, Will you come and Follow Me, When I needed a Neighbour, and Tell Out My Soul!

The readings can be found via this link and past services can be viewed via the All Saints audio-visual page!

Serving the World

Some people have rightly asked what we are doing at All Saints to be of service to those around us.  Well, we are doing a lot.

The people of All Saints are working or volunteering in more than half a dozen NGOs and charities, including relief organisations, orphanages, groups working with old people and with children, combating human trafficking, advancing human rights, and others.  There are many opportunities if you would like to get involved.

I would like to make a list of all the organisations with which we are involved.  Please let me know any groups that you are involved with and I will make a list which we can put on our website.  We won’t list the names of those working with each group, but just the organisations!

All Saints Hymnal

I am currently compiling the All Saints Hymnal.  If you have any favourite hymns you would like us to include, please email me at  iain@AllSaintsChiangMai.com.  A few people have responded, but keep the ideas coming!  You can view our current list of music and details of when we have sung each hymn here!

If you don’t know the way to All Saints, directions can be found on the Where and When page.

Most people get to hear about us via the internet or by word of mouth, so please feel free to pass on this email to others.  All are welcome to join us as we share the presence of the risen Jesus in our lives!  We hope to see you soon and that you will enjoy worshipping with us,

God bless,


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