Holy Innocents!

From Father Iain, All Saints Chiang Mai

 A child alone!

Please invite others to join us!
Special Service Focusing on Children in Special Need!


Dear Friends,

The Feast of The Holy Innocents usually falls on 28th December, but we will be marking it on the 24th June as we remember the plight of children around the world!  If you can, wear red to show your support for those in our prayers.

Please share this email and invite your friends and colleagues so we can mourn and pray together!   There is a draft email at the bottom of this message which you can copy and paste to let others know.  What organisation do you belong to that you could share this with?


The world is being rocked by images of children separated from their parents on the US/Mexican border.  Whoever is responsible, and whatever the cause, few disagree that this must stop.  Christian leaders from across the political and theological spectrum have spoken out!  Thankfully, President Trump has now signed an executive order to stop this, but time will tell what happens next.

We at All Saints are far away and we may ask what can we do?  Well we can pray, and we can write, and we can remember all the children in our world who suffer from loss of parents, war, famine, abuse, and all the other scourges of the world.  And we can keep on working to make the world a better place.

Our scripture readings this week will be Jeremiah 31:15-17, Revelation 21:1-7, and Matthew 2:13-18, and we will be singing the hymns The Coventry Carol, When Jesus Went to Egypt, Oh Lord the Clouds are Gathering, and Stand up stand up for Jesus!   The second hymn in particular focuses on the plight of those children held in detention facilities, but all follow our theme.

God bless,


Email to Share

Dear All,

People around the world have been shocked at the images of children separated from their families and held in detention centers at the US/Mexican border.  Thankfully, President Trump has now signed an executive order halting this policy, after an outcry from Christian and other leaders from across the political and theological spectrum.

At All Saints, Chiang Mai, this Sunday, 24th June, we will have a special service marking the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  This usually falls on 28th December but these recent events have moved us to mark the feast this week.  The Holy Innocents were the children killed by King Herod in his attempt to kill the baby Jesus after his visit by the Wise Men.  We will use this occasion to remember all children, particularly migrants, who are in danger now.

The service will begin at 11 a.m. this Sunday, and we are asking people to wear red, the colour of martyrs, to show their solidarity with children around the world.

You can find directions to All Saints via this link: https://allsaintschiangmai.com/wherewhen/

Please pass this email to anyone you think may be interested.

Thank you for your attention,

Father Iain Baxter,
All Saints, Chiang Mai

All Saints seeks to be a church that is welcome to all, whether rich or poor, Thai or farang, black or white, gay, lesbian, transgender, or straight, old or young, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or Jew.  We aim to declare the inclusive love of Jesus Christ, and demonstrate his radical call to discipleship in our lives.

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