A bed of Roses?

From Rev Iain Baxter, All Saints Chiang Mai

Life isn’t always a bed of roses!

Complete the All Saints on-line survey

Dear Friends,

As this week’s readings will show us, life isn’t always a bed of roses!  Sometimes life can be a bit of a struggle, for most people throughout history this has been the case, and many among us still struggle whether with poverty or persecution.  But God is our strength, and as we put our trust in God we must reach out to others to share that love and lend a helping hand!

If you read last week’s email, you will know that our All Saints on-line survey is now on-line. So far only 12 people have completed the survey, and over 40 read this email last week!  Please fill it in if you have not already done so. This should help us to not only serve one another better, but to reach out to the wider world.

Please take time to complete it, and think carefully about your answers.  We really want to know how we can improve what we offer at All Saints, as we seek to honour God and serve the needs of our community. The survey is anonymous, unless you want personal feedback, in which case you should fill in your name and email address at the end.

If you are a couple or family, then each person can complete the survey – just click on “submit” when you have completed the survey and the option “submit another response” will appear.  Another response can then be made – but only submit one per person!

Click on this link to start the survey!


Great news!!!

We have been given THB10,200 by the Chiang Mai Expats Club in order to purchase more smoke alarms for Thai dormitories!  If you know of a dormitory which might need them, then let me know!

All Saints has already purchased 20 smoke alarms, at a total cost of THB7,300, which we will be donating to dormitories in Thailand.  They each contain a battery with a guaranteed ten year lifespan.  This an on-going project.  We will buy and install more smoke detectors as funds allow and requests are made.  Lets hope that this small project helps to save many lives.

This Sunday’s readings are Isaiah 5:1-7, Hebrews 11:29-12:2, and Luke 12:49-56, and we will be singing the hymns Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise, O Lord, the Clouds are Gathering, Beauty for Brokenness, and Now Thank We All Our God!

The readings can be found via this link!

God bless,



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