Building Cancelled !!!!

For a number of reason, this building is not going to happen!
Obviously I am disappointed, but taking the building would have probably cost at least THB 100,000 (£2,000 / $3,000), which I would only have got back had the church been a success!  I am currently living on THB 16,000 (£320 / $550) per month, including accommodation, food and everything else, so this would have been a major step of faith!

Well, God has probably got other plans for me next year in addition to my studies!

I will be in Egypt in just over two weeks, and then back in the UK, where I will be doing a placement with Rev. Graham Wassel, the minister of my parents’ church.    I will be back in Egypt in May for my ordination, so I have much for which to look forward.

Meanwhile, I have my Hebrew exam on Friday for which your prayers would be greatly valued!

More news soon,

God bless,


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