More Building News !

                                                                                                                                                                                      All Saints House?

 This afternoon, I met with the owner of the building we have been looking at for All Saints, Chiang Mai.  We provisionally agreed a contract starting in March.  We will pay THB 12,000 (£240/$400) per month for March, April and May, and then THB 15,000 (£300/$500) per month once we start using the building.

On Thursday I will meet with Professor Golf, who is the McGilvary College of Divinity Dean, to obtain permission to go ahead with the new group.

I will then meet, possibly on Sunday, with a group of people who are interested in being part of the group, to see what regular and initial financial support they can commit to.  We will have to buy chairs, curtains, etc.  We will also have to obtain some other furniture – people may have things they can donate!  If four or five people can commit to THB500 (£10/$15) per week then that should give us a firm financial basis.

We will also look for someone to share the flat upstairs and I will put the THB 6,000 ($120/$200) I currently pay in rent towards the project!

If all goes well, I will meet with the owner to sign the contract and pay the first month’s rent and deposit on 8th March.  Five days later, I will be away on Work Camp, and then five days after that I fly to Egypt and then England for the summer!

Please pray that all these things work out!
More news soon,

God bless,


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