Lent is Here!

From Father Iain, All Saints Chiang Mai

Anointing with Ashes!

Dear Friends,

We are now in Lent, the season of repentance.  

This year Orthodox Easter will fall a week later than Western Easter, so Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and Russia will be marking Ash Wednesday next week on 9th March.  Repentance isn’t just personal, it can be corporate, it can be national, or international.  We are together the body of Christ, not individually.  

As we have been anointed with ashes as a sign of repentance, we all have things we need to repent of as individuals, some big some small, but as representatives of our nations we also have things that we must corporately repent of: evil acts committed, or the failure to stand up to evil in the past, the willingness to compromise for financial advantage or political advancement.

Kharkiv, Ukraine, on Wednesday

The situation in Ukraine is on all of our minds – the world is watching.   The situation in Myanmar is largely forgotten as the world has turned away.  Both nations need our prayers, the leaders of Russia and Burma need to repent, and our own nations need to repent for failure to do enough in the past and failure to accept refugees even now.

War is always a failure, and to choose war when none is needed is the surest folly.  The West has become united against Russia, and the situation has become more tense and dangerous.  “All” we can do is pray!  But prayer is a mighty and effective thing!  So let us pray for our world!

The readings for this Sunday will be Deuteronomy 26:1-11, Romans 10:8-13, and Luke 4:1-13, and we will be singing the hymns When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, Forty Days and Forty Nights, For the Bread Which You Have Broken, and God is Love!

Use this link to join this Sunday on Zoom at 10:30 a.m.
Meeting ID: 548 801 501

Last week’s Sermons!

The sermons for last Sunday and Ash Wednesday will soon be available via the All Saints website!

Ash Wednesday Service

Annual General Meeting 2022 –  Last Sunday!

We has a good meeting following last Sunday’s service.  Reports were received from Chris Tananone, our Council Chair, and from me as vicar. The budget for 2022 was approved and an auditor appointed for last year’s accounts.

The following people were elected on to the Council:

Chris Tananone
Hannah Alexander-Herrick
Katie Wierenga
Sarah Sensamaust

Minutes of the meeting and copies of the reports are available at the back of the church or on request. The meeting also approved the adoption of All Saints’ Child Protection Policy.  The General Policy can be found here and the Digital Policy here.

Chili Night 

A few of the group!

Chili night at the Vicarage recommences this Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Every Tuesday everyone in Chiang Mai is invited to Chili Night in the New Vicarage.  Chili con Carne, rice, chips, ice-cream, and drinks are provided.  Just come along!  (But let Father Iain know in advance if you can!)   All are welcome.  

Prayer Meeting

We have a weekly online prayer meeting.  Join us at 9 a.m. on Zoom every Tuesday.  

Use this link to join the prayer!

Weekly Offering to All Saints
You can still donate in person or online.  Thank you for your support and love for All Saints and all we are trying to do together.  God has shown that he is mighty and we are in his hands!

God bless,

Father Iain

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