From Father Iain, All Saints Chiang Mai

We celebrate the Feast of Candlemas this Sunday! 


Dear Friends,

Last week we said a fond farewell to Rebecca and Blaine, Ruthie and Merle, and Dan.  (Although Dan will be with us this week for one more time!) This week we will be celebrating Candlemas where Jesus is presented at the Temple and revealed as the Light of the World – and we will have our All Saints Choristers from YCF with us!

Wherever we are in the world, God is with us!  Jesus will continue to be the light of Rebecca and Blaine, Ruthie and Merle, and Dan, and all of us.  We all remain part of the Body of Christ although separated geographically. This is (part of) the Good News: we never really say goodbye but only au revoir for we will all meet again in God’s heavenly kingdom if not before.

Please hold them, and all the people of All Saints, in your prayers!

The bible readings for this Sunday will be Malachi 3:1-5, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, and Luke 2:22-40, and we will be singing the hymns At the Name of Jesus, Christ is the World’s Light, Give me Jesus, and Christ Be Our Light!

Use this link to join this Sunday on Zoom at 10:30 a.m.
Meeting ID: 548 801 501

Saying Goodbye

Last Sunday we said a sad goodbye to Rebecca and Blaine, Dan, and Ruthie and Merle, who had been worshipping at All Saints for six, three, and one year, respectively.

They had all become key All Saints people and will be greatly missed as they return to the States.  We prayed for them in our worship service and then twenty of us went to Green O’Clock to share in cake and fellowship.

Special Cake!

Fellowship Together!

You can watch Chris and Adam’s farewell song here!

Potluck –  This Sunday, 30th January

This will be at the vicarage this Sunday following our celebration of Candlemas when the All Saints Choristers will again be helping lead our worship.

New Home Groups – Starting Soon!

 All Saints Chiang Mai will soon be starting Home Groups based on the teachings, videos, and book by Brene Brown on vulnerability. 

Vulnerability has been proven to improve creativity and enjoyment of life.  We will be embarking on an adventure together!  These groups will be open to whoever wants to learn more about vulnerability in a safe and supportive community.  An opportunity to invite friends who do not attend All Saints and even those who never imagine themselves setting foot in a church.  

Our time together will include a meal, video or other learning activity, and time for discussion.  The groups will meet for approximately 1 ½ hours per week.  

Please click on the survey below so we can find the best days and time to launch these new Home Groups.  Thank you!

Annual General Meeting 2022 – 27th February

Our AGM will be held on Sunday 27th February following the morning service, in accordance with the provisions of our 2021 Constitution. 

What does the AGM do?

All Saints is a hybrid church – we are neither fully congregational nor fully episcopal.

In a congregational church, all authority under God rests with the congregation.

In the purest form of congregationalism, all decisions would be taken by vote of a congregational meeting.  This would require almost weekly congregational meetings, and so decisions would be made by those who happened to be present that week.  In a quickly changing congregation, like All Saints, this could be quite unstable.

In a completely episcopal church, like the Roman Catholic or Orthodox churches, all authority under God rests with the bishops, who delegate that authority to priests.  The lay people do not have formal authority in the structure and authority is passed on in the Apostolic Succession.  In an independent congregation, like All Saints, this would put all authority in the hands of one person and wouldn’t provide a system for accountability.

So All Saints’ constitution seeks to provide a system of checks and balances, taking the best features from each model.

Firstly, the congregation is the ultimate authority, under God, but delegates that authority by appointing a priest and electing members of the Church Council.

Each year, the congregation elects new members of the Church Council at its Annual General Meeting. 

This year, one of our longest-serving members, Helga Spring, will be stepping down.   Of the remaining three lay members, Chris Tananone has agreed to serve for one more year to aid transition to the newer council members, Hannah Alexander-Herrick has only served for a year, and Katie Wierenga was co-opted to complete the remainder of Bill Moeller’s term in September.

To ensure continuity, our Church Council consists of four lay seats elected by the congregation, and three clerical seats occupied by the clergy or, in the absence of three clerical staff, nominated by the vicar.  Both Mark Crawford and I have been in leadership at All Saints for a number of years, and so, along with Chris, can provide that needed continuity and institutional memory – but we can be outvoted by the lay members.  (Our deacon, Gene Bourquin, has temporarily set down as he explores possible ordination to the priesthood within The Episcopal Church.)

Article 2 of the All Saints constitution states:

“The ultimate authority of All Saints Chiang Mai is the word of God. The authority for the governance of the temporal affairs of the church (such as finance, property, and governance) rests with the congregation and is carried out by the Church Council. The authority for spiritual matters rests with the vicar. If there is a disagreement about whether an issue is spiritual or temporal, this will be determined by the Church Council.”

Our constitution seeks to balance leadership and accountability, and contains further checks and balances to this end.  You can download and read the whole constitution here.

How can you be involved in the future of All Saints? 

Firstly, attend the AGM on 27th February where you can elect members to the new Council.

Secondly, pray as to whether you should join the Council – all church members are eligible to stand.  Speak to an existing Council member if you are interested.

Thirdly, pray for your Church Council members, give them your support, and share your ideas and concerns with them.

And finally, pray for Mark and I as we lead All Saints forward, and carry spiritual responsibility for God’s people.

The AGM will not last very long.  There will be a Vicar’s Report, and a Financial Report from Arthur Mann, our Treasurer.  The congregation will then be asked to approve the budget for 2020 and elect the new Church Council. 

Please be there and be involved if you can – it is your church!

Chili Night 

A few of the group!

Chili Night at the vicarage continues on Tuesdays at 6 p.m.

Every week, mum and I are hosting this open-house, offering chili con carne and rice followed by ice cream.  Anyone can come  – you don’t have to let us know, just turn up.  (Although advanced notice is useful so we can prepare enough chili!) All are welcome – not just All Saints people.  Tell your friends, spread the word!

Prayer Meeting

We have a weekly online prayer meeting.  Join us at 9 a.m. on Zoom every Tuesday.  

Use this link to join the prayer!

Weekly Offering to All Saints
 You can still donate in person or online.  Thank you for your support and love for All Saints and all we are trying to do together.  God has shown that he is mighty and we are in his hands!

God bless,

Father Iain

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