Together Again!

From Father Iain, All Saints Chiang Mai

It was wonderful to be back home at All Saints last Sunday.  Thanks for the warm welcome from so many people!

This week our New Testament passage recalls Paul’s words to the Corinthians where he talks of having become “all things, to all men”, not meaning that he has compromised his beliefs but that he is prepared to communicate in any culture for the sake of the Gospel.

At All Saints we define ourselves as a Christ-centred, inclusive liturgical community for all people, and that is who we are.   In Article 1 of our new draft constitution we state: 

Saints Church is a welcoming and inclusive worship community that accepts everyone no matter their age, gender, race, sexuality, or theology. Worship follows the Anglican liturgy – also drawing on the heritage of the Lutheran, Catholic, Orthodox and Presbyterian Churches amongst others.

We are a gathered people, drawn from many nations and many traditions, but we worship in the Anglican tradition, and I would like to unpack a little more of what it means to be Anglican in this week’s sermon.

In the footsteps of Paul, we wish to cross cultures as a church in order to communicate the Gospel, but also like Paul we need to come with a good idea of who we are!
 Our scripture readings for this Sunday will be Isaiah 40:27-31, 1 Corinthians 9:16-23, and Mark 1:29-39, and our hymns will bePraise to the Lord the Almighty, Called as Partners in Christ’s Service, What shall I do my God to love?, and When in our Music God is Glorified.

Video of last week’s service can soon be viewed via the Audio-Visual page of the church website!

Father Iain’s Return

Lunch at The Nest last Friday in Chiang Dao
Thanks again for the great welcome back.  It was a busy week, but great to reconnect with so many good friends!

I feel very blessed!

First Hundred Days

It is really great to be back!  I have a list of ten things I want us to do in my first hundred days back – or from Candlemas to Pentecost!

Of course, some can be done relatively easily, and others can only just be started, and others may not get started at all in the next 100 days, but these are some of the things I would like us to do!  And some of them will definitely get done!

1    Complete New Constitution
2    Hold new Council Elections
3    Appoint New Treasurer
4    Open New Bank Account
5    Restart Foundation Application
6    Start Children’s Choir
7    Reform Lent Liturgy and
         Hold Lent Discussion Groups
8   Ordination to Supervising Pastor
9   Look for New Building Possibilities
10 Commission New Altar and Lectern

Pancake Sunday

On Sunday 14th February we will have a pancake potluck as we prepare for the beginning of Lent.  See Rebecca about what to bring!

Ash Wednesday

We will have a special Ash Wednesday Service at 7 p.m. on Wednesday 17th February.  This will include the imposition of ashes.

Congregational Annual General Meeting

The Trustees and others, have been working hard to produce a new constitution for All Saints which will include the election of a new Church Council.  This is nearly complete, and we hope to have a congregational AGM in February or early March to approve this document and elect Council members.

More information soon!

Wednesday Lunch

Our lunch will be on next week!  I am looking forward to being there again!  Why not come along?   (You don’t need to be a member of the Gymkhana Club to attend!) 

Weekly Offering to All Saints

You can still donate online, or place your money in the basket during the service.

God bless,

Father Iain

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