From Father Iain, All Saints Chiang Mai

All are Welcome?
Dear Friends,

I once conducted a wedding on top of Doi Intanon.  The only people present were myself, the couple, and the wedding planner and photographer!  In these socially-distanced times, that sought of exclusive event may become the norm, but normally lots of people are invited to “the big day”! In this week’s Gospel reading Jesus compares the Kingdom of Heaven to a king giving a wedding banquet for his son: he invited all the important people, but they failed to show up – to busy to bother with the king.   In the end he invites the ordinary people who are found out in the streets!

At All Saints, we aim to welcome those who are not welcomed by other churches!  Of course, most churches will “welcome” everyone, but what does this “welcome” really mean?  Often it means you can attend but you have to change who you are to really be welcome, and you certainly would not be welcome to be in a position of leadership. I pray that we will continue to really welcome all people – even if it gets us into trouble at times!

In person worship continues and this Sunday you can again join the congregation in person at 10 a.m., or watch later via the All Saints Audio-Visual page.  Our scripture readings for this Sunday will be from Isaiah 25, Philippians 4:1-9, and Matthew 22:1-14, and our hymns will be Be Still for the Presence of the Lord and Lord and and Let Us Build a House!

Details of the practical arrangements for Face-to-Face worship are below.

Face-to-Face Worship at All Saints

The following measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of those attending: The chairs have been rearranged to ensure that social distancing is maintained, people’s temperature will be taken on arrival, masks will be required, and hand gel supplied.  Names and contact details will be recorded.

All the doors and windows will be open and fans will ensure maximum air circulation.  No singing will be permitted but we will be able to listen to the hymns being played on the organ and sing along in our heads. There will not be a coffee time following the service, but people are invited to lunch, out-doors, at Green O’Clock following the service.

The services will be shared on Zoom so that those who cannot, or do not feel happy to, attend in person, can still join!

The protocols can be viewed here!

Harvest Festival – Coming Soon!

This year the All Saints Harvest Festival will be held at the Youth Charity Foundation on Sunday 25th October.  More details to follow!

All Saints’ Wednesday Lunch

The Wednesday Lunch!
This is a weekly event!  Yesterday, a group from All Saints again gathered for lunch!  Why not join next week?  (You don’t need to be a member of the Gymkhana Club to attend!)  We will be meeting at the Gymkhana Club at midday every Wednesday!

Weekly Offering to All Saints

You can still donate online, or place your money in the basket during the service. People in Thailand can transfer directly to the church bank account.  (Which is in my name, but managed by our treasurer, Don Williams.)  Thanks to all those who have already given – we are receiving approximately our normal monthly offering!

The details are:

Account Name: Iain Girvin Baxter
Bank: Krungsri Bank
Account Number: 7181-05586-5

Those in the UK, or with UK banking, can donate via All Saints Chiang Mai Mission.  Their account details are:

Bank: Coop Bank
Account Name:  All Saints Chiang Mai Mission
Account Number: 65877142
Sort Code:  08-92-99

Alternatively, you can donate with PayPal or with any debit or credit card via the All Saints Website on the Donate Page. Please email me if you would like a receipt.

So, whether you are worshipping face-to-face or watching online we will all worship God together and give thanks for all of God’s many blessings!

God bless,

Father Iain

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