From Father Iain, All Saints Chiang Mai

Dear Friends,
God is not fair – that’s the Good News of the Gospel!  God does not treat us as we deserve but in love gives us many blessings!

This week’s Gospel reading is the Parable of the Workers: 

A rich landowner hires a group of men early in the morning, promising to pay them the usual daily rate.  He continues to hire men throughout the day, hiring some at nine in the morning, some at midday, and some at five in the afternoon! When the working day ended at 6 pm, he paid the five o’clock hires the full day’s wage and, understandably perhaps, those who’d worked a full twelve hour day were unhappy that they received the same.  “That’s not fair!”

The landowner explained that they’d got what was fair and agreed, and what was it to them if he wanted to be generous! As well as supporting a universal income, Jesus was making the point that God acts the same way.  God is generous – God doesn’t give us what we deserve, but in overflowing love pours out his blessing and forgiveness upon us!  This is the God we worship!!!

In person worship continues at All Saints, and this Sunday you can again join the congregation in person at 10 a.m., or join live on Zoom with this link, or watch later via the All Saints Audio-Visual page. Our scripture readings for this Sunday will be Jonah 3:10-4:11, Philippians 1:21-30, and Matthew 20:1-16, and our hymns for the morning service will be Come Thou Fount of every Blessing and Thou whose Almighty Word!

Details of the practical arrangements for Face-to-Face worship are below.

Last Week’s Zoom Service 

It was great to see friends around the world gathered for last Sunday’s Zoom Eucharist.  The next one will be on November 1st as we celebrate All Saint’s Day! The video of the service can be seen via the Audio-Visual page of the All Saints website!

Lunch at Green O’Clock

 Last Sunday, seventeen people joined the lunch following the morning service – which may be a record!  Great to see so many new people.

Face-to-Face Worship at All Saints

 The following measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of those attending: The chairs have been rearranged to ensure that social distancing is maintained, people’s temperature will be taken on arrival, masks will be required, and hand gel supplied.  Names and contact details will be recorded.

All the doors and windows will be open and fans will ensure maximum air circulation.  No singing will be permitted but we will be able to listen to the hymns being played on the organ and sing along in our heads. There will not be a coffee time following the service, but people are invited to lunch, out-doors, at Green O’Clock following the service.

The services will be shared on Zoom so that those who cannot, or do not feel happy to, attend in person, can still join! The protocols can be viewed here!

All Saints’ Wednesday Lunch

The Wednesday Lunch!
This is a weekly event!  Last week, a group from All Saints again gathered for lunch!  Why not join this week?  (You don’t need to be a member of the Gymkhana Club to attend!)  We will be meeting at the Gymkhana Club at midday every Wednesday!

So, whether you are worshipping face-to-face or watching on-line, we will all worship God together and give thanks for all of God’s many blessings!

God bless,

Father Iain

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