The Bible tells me so…

From Rev Iain Baxter, All Saints Chiang Mai

Thanks to David and Shem for my new chasuble!


Dear Friends,

This week’s Old Testament reading is from the Book of Exodus, and is a very troubling passage where God is shown threatening to destroy his people with fire for their worshipping of the Golden Calf.  He only “changes his mind” when Moses pleads that this will look very bad to the Egyptians.  How do we handle such passages in their contrast with our Gospel reading where Jesus talks of God searching for the lost sheep?  This week my sermon will attempt to answer this question.

Meanwhile, this Sunday we will all share a potluck lunch.  We haven’t had one for a while, and it will give everyone a chance to get reacquainted following the summer when so many people were travelling.  Just bring a dish to share, and feel free to invite your friends or anyone who hasn’t been for a while!

There is a great new opportunity coming up for those who are interested in some quiet time away in God’s presence.  The following retreats will be facilitated by our church member Ann-Christin Salomonsson.  They all have a contemplative style.

The Meditative Art Retreat is next Thursday, 15th September, from  9.30 to 12, and the Returning & Resting Retreat is on the following Saturday, 17th September, and will last fours hour and includes lunch.  Both are held at The Well.  Then @The Crossroads is a five days retreat held at Horizon Village in November.  Many people have signed up but there may still be slots available! You register on The Well website 

This Sunday’s readings are Exodus 32:7-14, 1 Timothy 1:12-17, and Luke 15:1-10, and we will be singing the hymns All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, Come Down, O Love Divine, I will offer up my life, and Christ is made the Sure Foundation!  The readings can be found via this link!

God bless,


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