Back to School!

From Rev Iain Baxter, All Saints Chiang Mai

Welcome to All Saints

Dear Friends,

Summer is over for the staff and students of Chiang Mai’s international schools, and it’s back to learning! But for all of us, learning never ceases.  This week we will look at the death of King David’s son, Absolom.  What can we learn from this episode? Perhaps primarily, that we should make peace when we can before it is too late, but also the importance of mourning when we lose those we love.

This week our readings will be 2 Samuel 18:5-9,15, 31-33, Ephesians 4:25-5:2, and John 6:35, 41-51, and we will be singing the hymns  All People that on Earth do Dwell, Abide with Me, What a Friend we have in Jesus,and All My Hope on God is Founded.  We will also be singing an arrangement of The Creed to the tune Abbot’s Leigh.  The readings can be found via this link!  Our sermon will be entitled: A time to rejoice, and a time to mourn!

Video and audio of our major services can be found on the Audio-Visual page of the All Saints website and as always, directions can be found on the Where and When page.  Most people get to hear about us via the internet or by word of mouth, so please feel free to pass on this email to others.

All are welcome to join us as we share the presence of the risen Jesus in our lives!  We hope to see you soon and that you will enjoy worshiping with us,

God bless,


Lay Ministers for August 2015
OT Reading:  Caitlyn
NT Reading:  Eric
Prayer of Intercession:  Alan
Usher: Open
Acolyte:  Michael
Eucharistic Minister: Open
Kitchen:  Tom and Alan
Music:   Joel

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