Please Pray!

P L E A S E   P R A Y ! ! !

McCormick Hospital Chapel
We have just received the following email from McCormick Hospital:
“Dear Aj Dobson and Aj Baxter,

I have forwarded your request to use the Edwin McDaniels Chapel for the weekly worship service to the Chairman of the Board of Directors for consideration.

His advice for me was McCormick Hospital had rejected other requests from other international christian groups in Chiang Mai in the past and he would like the hospital to take the neutral position.

The Edwin McDaniels Chapel will be used only for the hospital morning worship service.

I am so sorry that I could not serve your request.

Somchai Sirisujin”

Please pray that we would have wisdom about what to do next.  It is only just over four weeks until I leave for the UK, and I would like to go knowing we have a place.  This also effects our ability to produce publicity.

Ken, a friend and retired Presbyterian minister, who is also involved in the project, wants to appeal.  He has been in Thailand many years and knows how things work here.   However, this will certainly take time and maybe McCormick is not the right place anyway.

The director had already indicated that they would probably charge around THB 1,000 (£20/$30) per week, which is a lot in my opinion. This would have been about BHT4,000 (£80/$120) each month, compared with the BHT 15,000 (£300/$450) per month for the whole building I wrote about in my email of 5th February, The One that Got Away!

That building could provide a flat for me to live in, a chapel, church office, and other space.  We would have the building for 24 hours a day / seven days a week, and could perhaps produce other income from letting others use the place.   We would then have a permanent presence.
Offsetting the THB 6,000 (£120 / $180) which I pay for my current room, the difference for the community would  only be THB 5,000 (£100 / $150).  There would have been some other set-up costs like chairs and an air-conditioner for the main-room, but these would be small in the long run.

The right place after all?
Should this be our new chapel?
So, please pray that we will make the right decision.  In the end, I will be the one who has to decide!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

God bless,


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